Creating a Skribble Business Account

Click the menu in the upper-left of your dashboard, then click "Upgrade now" in the Skribble Business tab. Follow the onscreen prompts.

Skribble Business customers sign organised as a group. Business account members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Joint billing on one monthly invoice
  • Centralised member administration
  • Add members automatically
  • Activity overview
  • Invoice history 
  • Visual signature customisation
  • Identification for the advanced electronic signature (AES) via company e-mail address or mobile phone number 

Additionally, Skribble Business allows for API integration. For more information, see our API documentation.

Information about pricing can be found at Skribble Pricing.

Creating a Skribble Business Account

  • From your Skribble dashboard click the menu in the top-left
  • Click Upgrade now under "Skribble Business"
  • Enter the exact, legal name of your organisation and click Continue
  • Enter the address of your organisation and click Continue
  • Choose your billing period and click Continue
  • Read the General Terms and Conditions. If you agree, click the box next to "I agree with the General Terms and Conditions (GTC)", then click Complete upgrade

Congratulations, you have created a Skribble Business account!

  • Click Start now to begin managing your organisation