Checking the status of a document or signature invitation

Go to "Documents" and enter a document name in the search bar to check its current status.

For documents and signature invitations that you have either sent or received, we distinguish between the following status categories:

    • Uploaded: documents that you have uploaded, but not signed yet
    • To sign: documents that await your signature
    • Pending: documents that await the signature of others 
    • Declined: documents that have been declined by others or by yourself
    • Completed: documents that have been signed by all assigned parties
    Document and signature invitation status
    Clicking on any of these status categories (e.g. Pending) will display documents with the corresponding status.

    document status pending example

    To check the status of a specific document:

    • Go to Documents and enter a document name (e.g. rental agreement) in the search bar.
    check documents status

    The current status of the document will be displayed below the document and will be marked in colour accordingly.

    document status colorued marking

    To view the current status of a signature invitation for a specific document:
    • Navigate with the mouse pointer over the document the status of which you want to check and click the encircled i in the upper-right.
    Signature invitation status

    A new window with additional information will open on the right side. 

    You will find the current status for each of the invited signers to the right of the person's name.