Adding visual signature to multiple pages

Drag-and-drop your visual signature to every page in a document to apply it to multiple pages.


Note: Applying your visual signature to a PDF document is irrelevant from the legal point of view. It is up to you to decide whether you want to add your visual signature to a document in addition to your electronic signature or not. 

When you sign a document electronically, a so-called signature certificate is attached to a PDF document. This certificate contains information about the identity of the person signing, the time when the signature was made and whether the content of the document was changed after it was signed. The visual signature is a purely optional element. Neither does it affect the legal weight of the electronic signature, nor is it part of the certificate. 
To place your visual signature on multiple pages in a document:
  • Upload the document that you want to sign and click Invite signers 
  • Enter your e-mail address in the field Add other signers as many times as the number of pages you wish to place your signature on and click Continue
multiple signatures add signers (1)

For each visual signature you want to place on a page you will receive a separate signature invitation by e-mail. You will have to confirm each signature invitation individually. 

  • Go to your e-mail inbox and open the signature invitation
you were invited to sign a document
  • Drag-and-drop your visual signature into the desired page in the document
place your visual signature on a document sign electronically with skribble


Important note: You will be charged per signature and not per document. Example: If you want to place your visual signature on ten pages, you pay for ten signatures. 

Alternatively, you can add an image of your visual signature to a document before you upload it to Skirbble and sign it electronically.