Managing your e-mail notifications

Click on "Profile" in the lower left and select "Settings". Next, go to "E-mail notifications" and choose one of the three notification types: "All", "Important" or "None".

The e-mails you receive depend on the notification type you choose:

  • Click on Profile in the lower left and select Settings
  • Go to E-mail notifications and select one of the three notification types: All, Important or None  

Note! If you choose to receive no e-mails about the signature activity, you'll still receive administrative e-mails, such as when you reset your password.

Which e-mails are covered by which notification type? 

    • All

If you need to keep track of all signature activities, this notification type is the way to go.
Whether you're the only signer or several people are involved, we'll inform you by e-mail once all signers are finished.

        • Important

            Go with this notification type to receive e-mails only about the most important activities.

            Activity E-mail

             You've received a new signature invitation.

             Confirmation that you've successfully sent your signature invitation.

             All invited signers have successfully signed a document.

             Confirmation that you've successfully signed a document.

             Someone has withdrawn a signature invitation.

             Confirmation that you've withdrawn your signature invitation.

             Someone has assigned you a signature.

             A signature was assigned to someone else.

             You've been added as a viewer of a signature invitation.

             A recipient has declined a signature invitation.

             Reminders about an upcoming deletion of one of your documents.

              • None

            If you select this type, you'll receive no e-mails about signature activities, such as if someone invites you to sign or refuses to sign a document.