In-house identification for companies: Employee training to become RA agents

After a one-time training as an RA Agent, a representative of your company can identify other employees and customers via Swisscom's RA App to enable them to sign with the qualified electronic signature (QES).

To get access to Swisscom's RA App (RA stands for Registration Authority), you'll need to conclude a so-called RA Agency Agreement with our partner Swisscom. This agreement contractually regulates your company's activity as a Registration Authority (RA Agency). In this agreement, a first Registration Agent (RA Agent), the so-called Master RA Agent, is named. The Master RA Agent goes through a one-time training to identify other employees and customers and appoint further agents.

This is how your company can become an RA Agency:

  • Identification as a prerequisite
    The RA Master Agent named in the agreement must be identified for signing with QES to become an agent. If this has not been done, this person can be identified via live video call or face-to-face. This is how it works.
  • Reading the terms of the agreement
    After you've filled in the form (see below), we'll send you the agreement for signing.
  • Filling in the form
    We'll use the information provided in the form to set up the agreement.
  • Signing the agreement
    Skribble will invite the Master RA Agent(s) named in the agreement to sign the agreement electronically.
  • Activating the Master RA Agent
    Once activated, the Master RA Agent will receive an e-mail from Swisscom with further instructions and a link to the info material, e-learning and Master RA Agent webinar. After successfully completing the e-learning (duration approx. 45 min), the first Master RA Agent is ready to identify others. After completing the webinar, they can appoint further RA agents.

Questions? Our Customer Happiness Managers are happy to help:

Good to know:

  • What is the role of a Master RA Agent?
    Master RA Agents can train further RA Agents to perform identity verification. We recommend having at least 2 Master RA Agents at each site. You can have as many Master RA Agents and RA Agents as you like. The Master RA Agent will get access to an RA Service admin tool for RA Agency management.
  • How to become a Master RA agent?
    Learn more here: Swisscom's Quickstart Guide.
  • How is the identification and activation of RA agents carried out?
    Identity verification must be carried out face-to-face by one of the RA or Master RA Agents. Activation of the RA agent by the Master RA Agent can be done online via the admin tool. 
  • How much does it cost? 
    Contact us to learn more about the pricing.
  • Are there any additional services included?
    Yes. We'll support you with agreement coordination and processing, and onboarding (on request).