Identification via mobile app for QES under EU law

To verify your identity via the Nect app, you'll need a valid ID document, a smartphone with a microphone and camera, and a stable Internet connection.

After verifying your identity via the Nect app, you can sign with a qualified electronic signature – QES under EU law (eIDAS).  You can verify your identity 24/7, which should take about 10 minutes.

Tip! Don't have an account and were invited to sign with QES? Go to the signature invitation in your e-mail and open the document. Then follow the instructions to verify your identity and sign the document. Again, you don't need an account to do this.

Here is how you can verify your identity via the Nect app from your Skribble account:

  • Go to Profile, then to Signature standards
  • Click on Increase and enter your mobile number 
    If you've already entered your number before, follow the instructions.
  • Click Increase to maximum 
  • Go to European Union, then Online identification 
  • Choose Mobile app 

From here on, the identity verification with the Nect app begins.

  • Download the Nect app and have your ID document ready
  • Open the Nect app and scan the QR code you see on your computer
  • Scan your ID document and make a video of yourself
  • Say out loud 2 words 
  • That's it! You're now ready to sign. 

Good to know before you get started!

    • Supported ID documents
      • Passport (all countries)
      • Identity card or residence permit (Germany only)
    • Supported languages

The app is available in English, German, Spanish and Polish. You can verify your identity in one of these languages depending on your mobile phone settings.

Questions? Learn more about the Nect app.

    • Identification didn't work? 

If you don't manage to verify your identity via the mobile app for some reason, please contact our support team at We'll reset it for you so you can try again.