Signing from MS Teams

Go to a post or message in MS Teams and select the "3 dots" on the right. Then select "More actions" and "Sign with Skribble".

Good to know! If you can't sign from MS Teams yet, you can contact your Admin to activate the feature.

  • Go to a post or a message with an attached document or create a new one
  • Select the 3 dots on the right and then Sign with Skribble
  • Select the legal weight you want signers to sign with
  • Add signers and (optionally) a personal message
  • Select Invite to sign
  • You'll see a new message in MS Teams
  • Open the document and select Sign now
  • When everyone has signed, the document is added to the post in MS Teams for your convenience.

Tip! We'll keep you up to date with notifications in MS Teams, for example, when someone invites you to sign or signs your document.