Observers of a signature invitation

Observers can view documents but can't sign them and need a Skribble account to do so. They're informed by email about the signature progress, such as, if someone signs or declines to sign a document.

Tip! Observers are informed about the signature progress by e-mail.
They can view the document but not sign it and need a Skribble account to do so.

Observers will get an e-mail when:

    • a signature invitation has been declined;
    • a document has been signed by all signers;
    • the signature has been assigned to someone else;
    • a signature invitation has been withdrawn.

    Adding observers to a signature invitation

    Note! This feature is only available to Skribble Business and Enterprise customers.

    After you've added signers to your signature invitation, you can add observers too it if you want. To do so:

    • Navigate to Observers and enter the e-mail address of people you want to keep in the loop
    Adding observers
    • Click Send invitation at the upper-right