Fair Flat becomes Individual

We're adjusting our price plans to keep making e-signing as easy and efficient as possible. First things first - you'll still enjoy many benefits of your current plan.

Individual plan is replacing Fair Flat on the date indicated in your profile
As our loyal Skribbler, you'll get a special edition of the new plan. Its main benefit over the standard Individual plan is that it allows you to keep using Skribble without monthly fees. That means you only pay when you sign – full flexibility with no hidden costs.

What are the signature prices?
Prices vary depending on the signature standard:

  • Simple electronic signature (SES): EUR or CHF 1.00
  • Advanced electronic signature (AES): EUR or CHF 3.00
  • Qualified electronic signature (QES): EUR or CHF 4.50

What else is new
Your new plan also has an Admin area, which offers a better overview of the used signatures. Plus, you’ll have all your invoices conveniently in one place.

What you need to do
There's nothing you need to do now. When you log in after the date indicated in your Skribble profile, everything will be ready. And if you then prefer switching to another plan, you can do that too.

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Are there monthly fees?
No, you can keep using Skribble without monthly or yearly fees. Since you're already using Skribble, you keep many of your current benefits with the special edition of the Individual-Pan.

I don't want the new Individual plan. What now?
Then you can switch to the free version or choose another plan once Fair Flat is no longer available.

How does a free version work?
On the free version you can still access your documents, but you can only sign when someone invites you. This means you can no longer upload new documents or invite others to sign.