Introducing changes to your free plan

Your plan will no longer include free signatures. This means that you can only sign when invited. You can still access your documents but you can no longer upload new ones or invite others to sign.

What if you need to sign?

If you need to sign, our Individual plan may be worth considering. We’ve created a special edition of this plan just for our loyal Skribblers like you. Its main benefit? No monthly fees, you only pay when you sign and you can use all three signature standards. This gives you full flexibility with no hidden costs.

How long is the special edition available?

Take your time to make up your mind, as the special edition doesn't expire. Just remember, you can't go back to the special edition of the Individual plan if you choose another plan.

Are there any monthly fees?
No, you can keep using Skribble without monthly or yearly fees. That means you pay per signature only when you sign.

How much are the signatures in the special edition of the Individual plan?

The prices vary depending on the signature standard:

  • Simple electronic signature (SES): 1.00 EUR or CHF
  • Advanced electronic signature (AES): 3.00 EUR or CHF
  • Qualified electronic signature (QES): 4.50 EUR or CHF

I don't want the new Individual plan. What now?
You can then stay on the free version or pick any of our plans.