Signing from Salesforce

You can sign documents from Opportunities, Quotes, CPQ Quotes, Campaigns, Contacts, Cases and Accounts. Open the record type that is supported and click "Sign with Skribble".

Good to know: So you can sign from Salesforce, your admin needs to connect it with Skribble. Here's how it works.

To sign a document from Salesforce:

  • Open the record type, such as Opportunity, Quote, or other

  • Upload a PDF document (up to 40 MB) if there is none attached

  • Click Sign with Skribble at the top right and pick your document

Tip! Don't see Sign with Skribble? Contact your Salesforce admin. Also, keep in mind that your Salesforce and Skribble e-mail addresses must match.

  • Log in to your Skribble account if needed
  • Sign the document or Invite signers as usual

Where do I find my signed documents?

After everyone signs the document, its copy is saved next to the original in your Salesforce record, in the Notes & Attachments section.
Tip: Look for _signed.pdf following the document name.