Signature reminders

If your admin activates signature reminders for your company, everyone who hasn't signed gets a reminder e-mail. It's up to your admin to decide how often reminders are sent. Alternatively, you can send reminders individually for each document.

There are 2 types of signature reminders:

  • Automatic for all documents set by your admin
  • Manual for each document you can send yourself

Automatic reminders for companies

Available in the following plans: Team, Pro, Scale, Business and Enterprise.

Your admin needs to activate signature reminders so we can send these automatically to everyone with a pending signature. Admins can choose how often:

  • Every 3 days
  • Weekly
  • Every 2 weeks

Tip! The timer goes off the day the signature initiation is sent. Weekends count too.

Example: Let's assume that your admin has activated weekly signature reminders. If you, for example, send your signature invitation on Monday the 1st, here is how reminders are sent:

  • 1st reminder is sent on Monday the 8th

  • 2nd reminder is sent on Monday the 15th

  • 3rd reminder is sent on Monday the 22nd, and so on.

Questions or need a hand? Get in touch with your company's admin.

Manual reminders per document

Whether you are a business customer or not, you can send a reminder to anyone who hasn't signed. Here's how it works.

  • Open the document you sent someone to sign
  • Go to 3 dots at the top right and select Send reminder
  • A reminder e-mail is sent to everyone who still needs to sign

Here is what the reminder e-mail looks like: