Signing from OneDrive and SharePoint Online

Right-click on the document you want to sign from within OneDrive or SharePoint Online. Select "Skribble Electronic Signature" and follow the instructions.

Note: You can sign from within OneDrive and SharePoint Online if you're a Skribble Business customer.

Once your company’s admin has connected OneDrive for Business with Skribble Business, you can sign directly from OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

To sign a document (watch our video tutorial here): 

  • Right-click on the document you want to sign

Tip: Need to sign an Excel document? Be sure to convert it into a PDF first. Other documents are converted automatically. 

  • Select Skribble Electronic Signature

If you don’t see Skribble Electronic Signature after right-clicking on the document, contact your OneDrive admin.

  • Activate signing with Skribble by clicking Activate and continue with signing

You’ll have to do this if you’re either signing for the first time or haven’t signed for a long time.

  • Log in with your Skribble account*

*Your Skribble and Microsoft e-mail address must match.

  • Sign the document or invite others to sign the usual way

  • After all invited parties have signed the document, it will be automatically saved next to the original document.

If you don’t see the signed document next to the original, please look for the folder Signed with Skribble Electronic Signature. It’s located in your personal OneDrive. Signed documents are also available for download in your Skribble profile on