Unlocking signing with QES (maximum legal weight)

You can unlock the qualified electronic signature (QES) by identifying yourself online via live video call or online banking (to sign under EU law) or face-to-face (to sign under Swiss law).

Tip! Do you usually sign your documents under Swiss law?

In this case, you'll have to verify your identity face-to-face before you can unlock the qualified electronic signature (QES). Find a location nearby.

Once it is done, just follow the steps below.

To unlock the QES under EU law from your Skribble account:

  • Log in to my.skribble.com and click Profile in the lower left
  • Go to Signature standards
  • Click Increase in the lower-right
  • Enter your mobile number and click Next

Once done, you'll be able to sign immediately with high legal weight – the advanced electronic signature (AES).

Note: To unlock the qualified electronic signature (QES), you’ll need to increase the legal weight one last time.

  • Click Increase to Maximum
  • Select European Union if you usually sign your document in the EU and click Next
  • Click on Online banking (only possible with an account at a bank in Germany) or Video call and follow the instructions
    Learn more about bank identification here.
That's it! After successful identity verification, our identification partner will notify you by SMS once you're ready to sign.