Updating sent signature invitations

Open the document you want to update. To remove a signer, use the "x" next to their name. To invite someone to sign, go to the 3 dots and select "Invite".

Note: You can only remove or add signers when they haven’t signed yet. If you invited only one signer, make sure you add the new signers before removing the first one.

Whether the signer is out of the office, the wrong e-mail address was used, or the invited person doesn’t need to sign, you can change their details after the invitation is sent.

Remove signers

  • Open the document you want to update
  • Navigate to the signer’s name on the right
  • Use the x next to their name to remove this person
  • We’ll let them know by e-mail that they no longer need to sign

Add signers

  • Open the document you want to update
  • Select the 3 dots in the top right, then Invite
  • Add the e-mail address of new signers