Adding a visual signature several times into the same document

When you create your signature invitation, you can place the visual signature field several times on the same document. Simply drag and drop the field as often as necessary.

To place the visual signature in several places in your document:

  • Upload a document
  • Click on Continue in the top right-hand corner
  • Select Only me or Several people. The process will be the same in both cases.
  • Define the desired legal weight and click Continue
  • Drag and drop your visual signatures into the document where you need them. If several people are signing, repeat the operation for each of the signers. They may have a different number of signature fields.
  • Next:
    • If you are the only person signing, click on Sign now in the top right-hand corner. All the visual signatures are signed in just 1 click.
    • If you are not the only person to sign, click Continue then Send invitation. You can then Sign this document yourself with a single click.

Note: no matter how many visual signatures are applied, only one signature per person will be counted. Example: you sign yourself and invite another person to sign. You decide to apply 3 visual signature fields for you and the same for your guest. You will be billed for 2 signatures only.