Document deletion period

Documents that have been signed or declined by all parties will automatically be deleted from Skribble after 30 days.

Note: This article describes a feature that is only available to Skribble Enterprise customers.

All completed documents are automatically and irrevocably deleted from Skribble 30 days after they have been signed or declined by all parties. We highly recommend that you download your documents once signed.

We will send you an e-mail reminder to download your documents one week before the end of the deletion period.  Additionally, you will receive a final e-mail reminder on the day of deletion. There will also be an alert in your Skribble account informing you about the deletion of documents.

  • Go to Documents and click Completed or Declined

deletion period go to documents

Please keep in mind that the administrator in your company might have set a custom deletion period for your company. You will find more information in your settings.

  • Click Profile and go to Settings
Click Profile and go to your Settings
  • Scroll down to find Deletion period 
This is where you will find the deletion period set for your company. 

deletion period details

Please contact the administrator in your company should you have any questions or require further assistance.