Document deletion period

Document deletion period is set by your company's admin. After a set period, your documents will be automatically deleted from Skribble.

Note: This article describes a feature that is only available to Skribble Enterprise customers.

The deletion period applies to all documents regardless of their status. It is set by your admin and starts on the day the document is uploaded to Skribble.

Note for Enterprise customers who joined Skribble before 17 February 2021: The deletion period only applies to signed and declined documents unless your admin has already introduced the deletion period for all documents in your company.

To check the deletion period set by your admin:

  • Click Profile at the lower-left and go to Settings
  • Scroll down until Deletion period
    Here you can see when your documents are automatically deleted from Skribble. 

To see when a particular document will be deleted:

  • Go to Documents
  • Search for the document
  • Hover over the hourglass at the top-left of a document
    It will show after how many days the document will be deleted. 

Note. If the deletion period expires before the document is signed by all recipients, the open signature invitations will be automatically cancelled.

Reminder e-mails

We’ll send you an e-mail reminder to download the affected documents:

  • 7 days before they’re deleted
  • on the day of deletion

If your admin sets a deletion period to 5 days or changes it shortly, you’ll only receive one e-mail on the day of deletion.

Questions? Please contact your company's admin.