New identifications since 14 December

Need to sign with the qualified electronic signature (QES)? Our partner Swisscom offers different identification methods for signing under EU and Swiss law. If you are already identified, there is nothing you need to do.

You can learn more about identifications and pricing here. Any costs are covered by signers or inviting parties if their company has a subscription for identifications. Questions or need help? Our support is happy to help you at

Identification to sign under EU and Swiss law (eIDAS and ZertES)

Identification to sign under EU law (eIDAS)

  • Face-to-face identification in selected Swisscom shops in Switzerland.
    Free of charge.
  • Self-identification through an app. Start Identification
  • eID (German ID with activated online ID and a mobile phone with NFC function).
    Start identification
  • Video identification with one of the following ID documents.
    Start identification 
  • ID Austria
    If you've activated your ID Austria with a registration authority, you can connect it to Skribble. After that, you can use Digitales Amt or Handy-Signatur app. 

Identification to sign under Swiss law (ZertES)