Login via third-party providers (e.g. SwissID, eZug or trustID)

I use SwissID, eZug or trustID. How do I log in to Skribble to sign electronically?

Skribble connects external providers such as SwissID, eZug or trustID for electronic signing. If you have an account with one of these providers, you can log in to Skribble and sign immediately with simple electronic signature (SES) and advanced electroni signature (AES).

Here is how it works:

  • Go to my.skribble.com 
  • Click on your provider's name (e.g. SwissID, eZug or trustID) and follow the instructions 
  • Once you have connected your provider's account with Skribble, you'll be able to sign electronically with one of the 3 available e-signature standards*

*Which e-signature standard is activated depends on how you were identified. In most cases, signing with simple (SES) and advanced electronic signature (AES) will be activated.

For signing with maximum legal weight – the qualified electronic signature (QES) – an additional identity check may be required. Learn more about unlocking signing with QES here

If you have already been identified for signing with the qualified electronic signature (QES) in the past, you will be able to sign with QES too. 

To check which e-signature standard has been activated in your profile:

  • Click Profile at the bottom left
  • Go to Signature Standard

Here you can see the legal weight of your electronic signature.

Tip! When you sign with Skribble, you can choose between 3 e-signature standards. They vary in terms of legal weight and are used for different types of documents:

  • simple electronic signature (SES) –  basic legal weight
  • advanced electronic signature (AES) –  high legal weight
  • qualified electronic signature (QES) –  maximum legal weight