Increasing the legal weight of your e-signature to unlock AES or QES

To unlock an e-signature standard with higher legal weight, click "Profile" in the lower-left and go to "Signature standards". Then, click "Increase" in the lower-right.

When you sign with Skribble, you can choose between 3 e-signature standards. They vary in terms of legal weight and are used for different types of documents.
  • simple electronic signature (SES) –  basic legal weight
  • advanced electronic signature (AES) –  high legal weight
  • qualified electronic signature (QES) –  maximum legal weight

This is how you can unlock signing with SES, AES or QES:

  • Simple electronic signature (SES)
If you have already verified and confirmed your e-mail address, you can sign immediately with the SES. You don't have to do anything else.

  • Advanced electronic signature (AES)

You can unlock signing with AES by adding your mobile number in your profile.

Tip! If you use your mobile number to unlock AES, it will appear in the digital signature certificate. As an alternative for companies, we recommend AES for Business, where the company e-mail address is used to unlock signing with AES.

To unlock AES:
That's it! You can now sign with the advanced electronic signature (AES). 

Note: You'll receive an SMS code to confirm your signature when you sign with AES.

  • Qualified electronic signature (QES) –  maximum legal weight

Depending on if you want to sign under the EU or Swiss law, there are 2 ways you can get identified to unlock the QES:

    • EU law – online via live video call
      This is how it works.
    • Swiss law – face-to-face at one of our partner's locations

Once your identity has been successfully verified at one of our partner's locations, you'll need to unlock the QES in your Skribble profile. To do so: 

Note: Your mobile number must match the one you provided during identification.

    • If the information provided is correct and the identification has been successful, you'll be able to sign with QES immediately.

Need help? Get in touch at or use our live chat. We'll be happy to help.