Increasing the legal weight of your e-signature

To unlock an e-signature standard with higher legal weight, go to "Signature standards" and click "Increase" in the lower-right.

When you sign with Skribble, you can choose between three e-signature standards. They vary in terms of legal weight and are used for different types of documents.
  • simple electronic signature (SES) –  basic legal weight
  • advanced electronic signature (AES) –  high legal weight
  • qualified electronic signature (QES) –  maximum legal weight

This is how you can unlock signing with SES, AES and/or QES:

    • Signing with the simple electronic signature (SES)
If you have already verified and confirmed your e-mail address, you can sign immediately with the SES. You don't have to do anything else.
    • Signing with the advanced electronic signature (AES)
You can enable the AES by connecting your Skribble account with a Swiss mobile phone number.
  • Click Profile in the lower-left of your Skribble account and go to Signature standards

Alternatively, you can directly browse and follow the steps described.

    increase legal weight step 1
    • Click Increase
    • Enter your Swiss mobile phone number and nationality, then click Next
    phone and nationality
    • If you have entered your Swiss mobile number correctly, you will be able to sign immediately with the advanced electronic signature (FES) 
      • Signing with the qualified electronic signature (QES)
    To unlock the maximum legal weight (QES) you'll have to get identified online via video-call (for signing according to EU law) or face-to-face (for signing according to Swiss law). Once you've verified your identity, you can unlock the QES in your Skribble profile. Please check our step-by-step guide for assistance.

    Need help? Drop us a message at or use our live chat. We will be happy to assist you.