Using Mobile ID to sign with QES

Before verifying your identity to sign with QES, make sure you activate Mobile ID. To do so, navigate to, then select "My Mobile ID" at the top right. Next, enter your phone number and follow the instructions.

  • What's Mobile ID?

When you sign with the qualified electronic signature (QES), you can use Mobile ID to confirm that it's you signing the document. It's an alternative to the signature password.

  • What does it have to do with identification for QES?

During identification, our partner will link your Mobile ID to your signature. So you can get a confirmation message, you must activate Mobile ID  before you start identification.

Important! Make sure you activate Mobile ID before verifying your identity.
If you do it afterwards, you'll have to repeat the process.

  • When do I need Mobile ID?
Sometimes it may be worth switching to Mobile ID or even using it when you verify your identity for QES for the first time.  So let's take a closer look at this:
    • Let's assume Paula has verified her identity to sign with QES under EU law and uses the signature password. 
    • Someone invites her to sign a document with QES under Swiss law.
    • So she verifies her identity to sign with QES under Swiss law.
    • After doing so, she can no longer sign with QES under EU law because her signature password is no longer valid. Now what?

In this case, it's worth switching to Mobile ID. Keep reading to learn more. 

Good to know! If you only sign with QES under EU or Swiss law and not both, there is nothing you need to do. You also don't need to repeat the identification if you've always used Mobile ID.

  • How can I switch to Mobile ID?

    • Activate Mobile ID at
    • Then, verify your identity to sign with QES under Swiss* law at
      *If you're based in Switzerland, you can verify your identity face-to-face on site. This will unlock both QES under Swiss and EU law in one go.
    • (optional) Now verify your identity one last time to sign with QES under EU law. 
    • You can now use Mobile ID to sign with QES under Swiss and EU law. No extra identification is needed. 
  • Is it best to use the Mobile ID app or a SIM-based alternative?

We recommend using the app, as not all SIM cards are Mobile ID-friendly. Also, please be aware that the SIM-based alternative only works with a Swiss mobile number.

Questions? Learn more about Mobile ID at