Signing from Google Drive

Right-click on the document you want to sign from within Google Drive Web App. Click "Open with", then select "Skribble Electronic Signature" and follow the instructions.

Note: You can only sign from within Google Drive if you're a Skribble Business customer.

Before you can sign documents from within Google Drive, your Google Drive admin will have to connect it with your company’s Skribble Business. A step-by-step guide for admins is available here.

To sign a document (watch our video tutorial here):

  • Go to Google Drive Web App at (not the local version on your computer)

  • Right-click on the document you want to sign 

  • Click Open with and select Skribble Electronic Signature from the list

If you don’t see Skribble Electronic Signature as an option after right-clicking on the document you want to sign, please get in touch with your Google Drive admin.

  • Log in with your Skribble account* and sign the document or invite others to sign the usual way (click here for help)
*Your Skribble and Google Drive e-mail address must match.
  • After all invited parties have signed the document, it will be automatically saved next to the original document

You don't see the signed document next to the original document? Please check the folder Signed with Skribble Electronic Signature. This is where we'll save signed documents if you don't have access rights to the folder where the document is when the last signature is made.