Inviting Others to Sign

In the overview, click "Invite signers" and add e-mail addresses. Place the visual signatures in the appropriate places (optional) and click "Send invitation".

You can invite others to sign a document uploaded to Skribble.

  • From the Uploaded status, select the document you wish to invite others to sign
  • On the document viewer, click Invite signers

  • Enter e-mail addresses of those you wish to sign the document
  • Click the plus sign to add more signers
  • If you are not signing the document, use the toggle next to your name
  • Once all the signers are added, set the required legal weight
  • (optional) To add a personal message to be sent to all signers with the signing invitation, click Personal message
  • (optional) Enter a personal message
  • When ready, click Continue
  • (optional) Drag-and-drop the visual signatures where the signers need to sign
  • (optional) When you are satisfied with the positions of the visual signatures, click Send invitation

The next page will confirm if the signing invitation was sent successfully. From here you can view the document again or upload another document.

  • Click the X in the upper-left to return to the dashboard


Would you like to add additional signers after you've sent the invitation? If the document is not signed yet, you can still invite others to sign.

  • Go to Pending documents and open the document
  • Click on the three dots at the top-right and select Invite
  • Enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite to sign and click Send invitation
invite pending 2