Why verify your identity

To sign with a qualified electronic signature (QES) which has the same legal weight as signing by hand, the law requires signers to verify their identity. This way, signers confirm that they are who they say they are.

In the EU and Switzerland, the qualified electronic signature (QES) is the highest e-signature standard that is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. For you to sign with QES, you'll need to verify your identity. Different methods are available to unlock signing under EU or Swiss law.

Online identification for QES under EU law 

    • Already have a Skribble account?

If you're already using Skribble, you can verify your identity from your account. Once done, you can sign with QES. 

Tip! Don't have an account yet but got invited to sign with QES? First, open the signature invitation from your e-mail inbox. Then follow the instructions to verify your identity and sign the document—no need to create an account.

Identification for QES under Swiss law

    • Online identification
To unlock the QES, you can verify your identity from your Skribble account through a live video call or self-check (coming soon).  
    • Face-to-face identification on site*

Together with our partner Swisscom Trust Services, we offer a growing number of identification sites all over Switzerland. Stop by and get identified free of charge. Find location.

*By having your identity verified face-to-face on site, you'll activate the QES for both jurisdictions (Switzerland and EU) in one step.

Note! You can't sign even though your identification was successful? This can happen if the phone number and nationality you provided during the identification don't match the data provided by the person who invited you to sign. We recommend you ask this person to send you a new signature invitation with the correct details.