Identity verification to sign with QES

Why do I need to verify my identity?

At Skribble, you can sign with maximum legal weight – the qualified electronic signature (QES). In the EU and Switzerland, this is the highest e-signature standard that is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Before you can sign with QES, you have to verify your identity. The required identification method is defined by the jurisdiction according to which you're signing. While Swiss law requires face-to-face identification, the EU allows video identification that takes place online.

  • Do you usually sign your documents in the EU?

In this case, you’ll have to go through an identity verification via video call. Once you’ve successfully verified your identity, the QES will be activated on Skribble. Check out our guide on unlocking signing with QES from your Skribble profile. 

  • Do you usually sign your document in Switzerland?

In this case, face-to-face identification is the way to go. Find a location nearby to get identified. Our partner Swisscom Trust Services will verify your identity in just a few minutes. 

Face-to-face identification enables you to sign according to both EU and Swiss law. No additional video identification is needed.

Whether you sign in the EU or in Switzerland, you’ll only have to verify your identity once.