Identity verification to sign with QES

To sign a document with the highest legal weight – the qualified electronic signature (QES) – identity verification is required by law. Depending on whether you're signing under EU or Swiss law, different identification methods are required.

In the EU and Switzerland, the qualified electronic signature (QES) is the highest e-signature standard that is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. Before you can sign with QES, you'll need to get identified.

The identification methods differ depending on the jurisdiction under which you're signing. For example, while Swiss law requires face-to-face identification, the EU allows online identification.

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      If you don't have an account yet, you can get identified via (the website is available in German, but you can get identified in English too). In this case, you'll have to pay the identification costs yourself. To get identified for free, we recommend creating a Skribble account.
  • Face-to-face identification for QES under Swiss law

Together with our partner Swisscom Trust Services, we offer a growing number of identification sites all over Switzerland. Stop by and get identified free of charge. Find location.

Note! You cannot sign despite successful identification? This can happen if the phone number and nationally you provided during the identification don't match the data provided by the person who invited you to sign. We recommend that you ask this person to send you a new signature invitation with the correct details.