Video identification for QES under EU and Swiss law

You’ll need a valid ID or passport, a computer with a webcam and a microphone, and a stable internet connection.

Here is the list of identity documents you can use for video identification to sign with:

Tip! Can't sign even though your identification was successful? Get in touch with our support team at They can reset your identification if needed.

How does video identification work?

  • Verify your identity via video call

Our identification partner will guide you through the identification process step-by-step. You can start video identification from your Skribble profile. Here is how it works.

Important! If you want to use Mobile ID, activate it before starting the identification. Learn more about Mobile ID

  • Confirm the Terms of Use

You'll receive 2 text messages:

    • One to accept the Terms of Use
    • One to set a signature password (you’ll use it to confirm your signature in the future)
  • The qualified electronic signature (QES) will be activated within 30 minutes 

Our partner Swisscom will inform you by SMS once you're ready to sign.