Signing a Document

From the document viewer, click "Invite Signers". Set your legal weight, place your visual signature, and click "Sign now".

(Note: this article is for a document when you are the only signer. For inviting others to sign a document, see article Inviting Others to Sign.)


To sign a document with Skribble, you must first add yourself as a signer. 

  • Upload a document you want to sign and click Invite signers in the upper-right of the document page
  • Select the legal weight required for this the document and click Continue

You will see the document along with your visual signature off to the right. Learn more about the use of visual signatured here.

  • (optional) Drag-and-drop your visual signature onto the desired position in the document 

When you've dropped the signature in the document, you can change its position as desired.

place your visual signature on a document sign electronically with skribble
  • Once you are satisfied with your visual signature placement, click Sign now in the upper-right
place visual signature and sign document

If you have chosen to sign with high or maximum legal weight (signature standards QES and FES) you will be asked to confirm the signature. If this is the case, follow the prompts on your screen.

Skribble will notify you when the signature is successfully completed. You will then have an opportunity to View or Download the signed document. 


Click the X in the upper-left to return to your dashboard. Your signed document can be found in the Completed status.