Uploading a Document

Click "New" and add your document through either drag-and-drop or browsing your computer.

Note: We only accept PDF documents that are smaller than 40 MB.

  • Click New on the left
  • Choose documents to upload by either (a) drag-and-drop or  (b) browsing your files:

   (a) drag-and-drop documents from your computer into the box

   (b) browse your files: click to upload and select your documents

The next screen will confirm the PDF was uploaded successfully. 

From here you have a few options:

  • Click Invite signers if you are ready to do so
  • If you are not ready yet to invite signers, click the X in the upper left

Your document can be found in the Uploaded status until you are ready to invite signers.

  • If you selected the wrong document, click the X below the document

This will remove the document and return you to the upload screen.